Summer simplicity

Growing up, I always assumed I'd have a Summer house – weekend house, second house, whatever you want call it. It would be small, simple, clear and clean, airy and welcoming, easy to maintain and to come to and go from. All the miscellaneous accouterments of daily living would be pared down and simplified, clutter-free. Situated high with its back to the woods, it would face deep views from a wide deck where I could watch every part of the day and night roll by. . .

Sadly, it doesn't look like my little refuge is ever going to happen, but, luckily, a few of those qualities are present in my one and only home.

I believe that in Scandinavia, or Sweden at least, a "Summer house" is not necessarily one's weekend hideaway on a tiny isle in an archipelago, but it can also be a small structure right on one's primary property – like a gazebo – a place to be at home outside, for meals or a teatime chat. I'd settle for something like that if building one wouldn't make our property taxes double!

Here are some small houses that have caught my eye and rekindled my Summer house fantasy. There are so many more, but this is enough to set me daydreaming.

Top is the View House in Argentina, via Blue Ant Studio

Second is the Stribrna Skalice House in the Czech Republic by Prodesi | Domesi, via ArchDaily

Third is looking through a house on Corsica by Philippe Steubi

Fourth is a renovation by Franklin Azzi via Designboom

Bottom 2 are from an article in Home + Entertainment magazine from '06; Architect is Richard Mora, the house is near Aukland, NZ

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