Jens, yet again

So nice to read that our friend and neighbor, the estimable furniture designer Jens Risom, is being celebrated yet again. Rachel Day over at The Mid-Century Modernist wrote about Risom and the story behind the collaboration that resulted in nine pieces of Risom's furniture from the '50s and '60s being reissued, faithfully adhering to the designers strict manufacturing requirements. This nice little website was created just for the reissued pieces; it has lots of photos of the furniture, and tells you more about the collaborators.

I love reading about how the great mid-century designers [architects, graphic designers, etc.], in their bright, I-can-do-anything youth, somehow met others who were similarly idealistic and talented, and through seemingly magical connections, then met the right people to support and facilitate their ideas and yet others who were willing to manufacture these crazy new things. . . All that fell into place for Jens 7 decades ago, and it's just great that it still seems to be happening for him today. – GF

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