Mixing up ages in España

I don't speak or read Spanish, but I think I sense that this construction for multi-family living has generated un intenso debate, as mentioned in an earlier post from Plataforma Arquitectura. What I glean from the sometimes absurd translation provided by an online automatic translator widget, is that the the outrage is partly induced by the fact that the money and/or idea behind the construction belongs to an actor, and the buildings are seen as Disney-like movie sets. There's something about "it sails along the oceans of the Fake. It is like the fossil of Hello Kitty, or a Mickey Mouse."

Oh, well. I am always drawn to the melding of ancient with new when the sensibilities are in agreement, and I think these apartments are kind of cool . . . – GF
via Plataforma Arquitectura

HAHA! Joke's on me – the whole thing is fake, even the "old" part! see the comment left by David at P.A. Thanks, David!