More woodpile design

I've posted a few times about wood pile building fa├žades, wood tromp l'oeil sofas and kindling walls, and no doubt will continue to. Here's the latest installment: Mark Moskovitz's Facecord Cabinet, and the i-Log, a wooden charging station for an iPad, supposedly hand-crafted by Suzi Warren from reclaimed London wood... and offered on her supremely goofy shop Twisted Twee.

Not Modern, but please indulge me! – GF

i-Log via swissmiss

It's a Modern Summer on Cape Cod

The Cape Cod Modern House Trust has a lot of events lined up for this summer, including a bike tour of Modern Houses on the National Seashore on September 10th. – GF

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Photo: John 'Rudd' Falconer's Hidden Village Cottage, Eastham, MA, built 1960

Modern House Day & The Five Best Houses

The consensus favorite on my bus, on Saturday's New Canaan Historical Society Modern House tour, was the house on Chichester Road designed originally by John Black Lee and updated by Toshiko Mori and then Kengo Kuma.

I'm partial to the modest ambitions of true mid-century modern rather than the grandiosity of 21st century takes on or adaptations of modern, and so I prefer the original section of that house, which I visited five or six years ago, after Mori's work but before Kuma's. But that's a quibble.

While my group on Saturday was wandering about the house, I thought of the 2007 MHD tour, during which John Black Lee talked about what he considered to be the five great houses in the United States. This is the order in which I wrote them down, so I think this is how he ranked them:

1. Fallingwater

2. The Glass House.

3. The house on Chichester Road (he called it Lee House number 2).

4. Philip Johnson’s Boissonnas house.

5. The Kaufman house, which Richard Neutra designed, in Palm Springs.

As for the Lee House on Chichester, Architectural Record's Joanne Gonchar, who was the tour guide at the house on Saturday, wrote about it here and there's a video as well. Chichester Road is itself worthy of a tour, largely because of Lee's vision 50 or so years ago – he bought 20 acres, subdivided it and sold lots with one major restriction: only modern houses were allowed. We wrote about that here. As usual, Lee was a constant presence at this year's MHD – both at the cocktail parties and volunteering to welcome tour visitors at one of the houses on the tour (Hugh Smallen's house, on Chichester), comfortably dressed in Bermuda shorts, black knee socks and black clogs, which, as one of the last original modern architects around, he can get away with.

The 2011 Modern House Day was a great success, by the way. Congratulations to the New Canaan Historical Society for doing another terrific job. – TA

Photos: Top – Lee House 2 c. 1957. Bottom – Lee House 2 with Kengo Kuma Glass/Wood House Addition c. 2010. 

Saturday is Modern House Day 2011 : Seeing Modern in New Canaan

The New Canaan Historical Society still has some tickets left for the Modern House Day Tour and Symposium. The full-day event is this Saturday, the 14th. Here is a description of the program and some info on the houses on the tour.

We will be working as bus docents during the tour, and our daughter, Elie, will be on duty as a house docent at the Smallen House, with our old friend John Black Lee as house architect. John will be there to answer questions not just about the Smallen house and his own house, Lee House 2 which is also on the tour, but to spontaneously regale attendees with great stories and inside tidbits from his long and deep experiences as one of the original Modern architects of New Canaan.

Join us! Call 203 966 1776 for tickets – you have to register and buy a ticket as walk-ins are not allowed. – GF