Elemental Rental in Catalonia

Perhaps it comes from growing up in an area where the muscles of the Earth – stone and rock ledge – are covered by only a thin skin of soil and growing things, and stone walls are a big part of the landscape, but I am just crazy about exposed stone, especially in interior spaces.

Spanish Architect Anna Noguera renovated Alemany 5, in the medieval quarter of the Catalan city Girona, and designed two simply beautiful holiday rental apartments. The original building dates from the Sixteenth Century. The tall stone walls and airy ceiling heights make it seem like these apartments would be cool havens in the Mediterranean summer heat. As always, I admire the restrained palette of elemental materials in this kind of design – stone, steel, wood, and air (yes, air) – in well-balanced proportion.

The apartments can be rented separately or as a whole unit, with 5 bedrooms sleeping 10 – 12 people. Sign me up! – GF

Via Architizer

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