Into the mountains

Tomorrow, after 17 hours of traveling and no sleep on an overnight flight, (how do other people get on the plane and zonk out until landing?), we will reach our home for the following 9 days. That afternoon, we have been invited to the new office celebration of architect Marisa Feuerstein who does wonderful work of the sort I'm always trying to sneak into our Modern house blog. Since Marisa studied at Harvard for a semester, and worked in Toronto for a year, there will be no language barrier to contend with in our sleep-deprived state.

Another notable architect/renovator who we might meet is Duri Vital, whose beautiful work you can see here. The only problem is, neither Tom nor I speak German or the language of the region, Romansch. . .

I still have too much packing to do, so I won't go into the parallels and similar sensibilities I see in the two, seemingly vastly different genres. Suffice it to say that it's based on the feeling I get when I experience these houses and the places they inhabit. – GF

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