What Can You Get for $1.3 Million in the Pacific Northwest?

A few days back I asked what you could get for $1.3 million in the California desert. Yesterday a correspondent in Washington sent me some photos of what you can get for $1.3 million in the Pacific Northwest.

The answer is found in these photos. The correspondent, Mark Lowder, said it was designed by Alan Bain Jr., who was prominent in the Seattle area and was trained at Cornell. The house was built for Dr. Carl Heller, who Mark says founded the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, although the center's web site says it was founded by Dr. William Hutchinson, Fred's brother. Fred, by the way, was a major league baseball player and manager who died of lung cancer; I had his baseball card when he was manager of the Reds.

Mark Lowder is selling the house. Here's what his email said:

I hate to part with it but we’ve done what we wanted with the place. It was a mess when we purchased it six years ago after being in renters hands for fifteen years. Time to move on.

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