New Canaan and Cristina Ross Reach an Agreement to Protect Philip Johnson's Alice Ball House

alice ball house front and side

The Town of New Canaan has approved a plan by the owner of the Alice Ball House, designed by Philip Johnson, to build a new house behind it with the condition that the owner sign an preservation easement guaranteeing that the Alice Ball House not be altered.

What this means is that unless the litigious neighbors prevail in court, the Alice Ball House will be protected and will not be razed, which the owner -- Cristina Ross -- had threatened to do. This is clearly a victory for both common sense and historic preservation. Here's what the New Canaan News-Review just reported:

Cristina Ross, the owner, offered the preservation easement as part of her plan to construct a driveway over a portion of wetlands to access the 8,000-square-foot house she plans to build in the rear of the 2-acre lot. The easement will ensure the design of the Alice Ball house remains in the style of Philip Johnson, protecting the fa├žade and the interior design as it relates to the architect's original work. ...

The development plan also calls for constructing of a pool and renovating the Alice Ball house into a pool house as well.

There's plenty of background in our previous posts, here, and on my other blog, here. -- ta

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